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    [SOLVED] How to set gdeskcal (tab-less) to be sticky in fluxbox

    My "apps" file has:

    [app] (gdeskcal)
    [Sticky] {yes}

    The "init" file does point to the "apps" file, and all the prior entries in the apps file have their "[end]"s.

    I've just discovered that I can set it to be sticky via a middle-button click on the empty desktop space, but even if I set to remember it, it won't.

    The other question is if is there anyway to set applications like karm and kalarm to start "closed", in the system tray only...

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    I posted it long ago, so I can't edit anymore. I'll post some "almost" answers I've found since then. (The one that I mentioned early actually does not work for some reason, only temporarily)

    First of all, that was a problem only with the amd64 version of debian; with the 386/686, the "normal" ones this problem does not occurs.

    However, sometime ago I've read that there's a program - wmctrl - that allows to control some aspects of window management via command line - or script. Then the stickyness could probably be forced "artificially" with some startup script, or perhaps some background script that fixes it every now and then.

    I've not tested the solution, so I don't really know if it's a solution. Anyway, I hope it can be useful just in case someone with a similar issue stumbles in this topic.

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