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Thread: Well Sh!t

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    Well Sh!t

    Spit, Spit, Spit...

    I got redhat 9 today in the mail and found that after installing can't get X to start. Here is the thing.. i am installing this on VMware/VMware Workstation under windows After i install linux it boot's up fine but no X windows system can be started because i don't have the driver installed.

    so i install the display driver by doing the flowing..
    cd mnt
    mount cdrom
    cd cdrom

    install went fine but i still can not start X so now i need to know how
    i can config the X windows system to use the new driver. i did try to use the Xfree86 config file like so..
    but it needs a working X windows to work. so i did this
    X -configure
    X -config xfree86
    i am not having any luck
    so now i am stuck how can i start or config xfree86 in a text mode
    like you wood when you install "eg boot -text on the install screen

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    Find out what's wrong first. Start X (by running only "X"), then check in /var/log/XFree86.0.log for any errors.

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    you can also run the XFree86 Configuration in text mode like this:


    run this from the konsole and you will get a text mode configuration

    make sure you are root (or else you wont be able to save the config)

    evan hazlett

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    To make X work under Vmware you have to install the vmware-tools that you have as a chooise under the VMware gui. VMware have its own driver to make X work on Linux. So read the docs on how to install to vmware tools. Install them and try to start X again..




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