I'm using an eee pc 900 running standard issue Xandros Linux to connect to an Exchange 2003 server.

I think I may have exercised a bug in Kontact 1.1.2.
Using Konqueror I can connect to inbox using URL:
per web doco at KDE Wiki : KOrganizer and the MS Exchange plug-in

But in Kontact in the Exchange plug-in menu, if I click "find", it fails to connect and reports "could not determine mailbox URL". If I click OK button instead of "find", and then choose the "Download" option from the Kontact menu, I get the message:

"Error accessing 'email.curtin.edu.au/exchange/I.C.Hill@curtin.edu.au/Inbox': malformed URL
In Kontact, Exchange plug-in settings are:
exchange server: email.curtin.edu.au
Port: left empty
User: 160950a
password: you're kidding!
Determine mailbox automatically: unticked
mailbox URL: webdavs://email.curtin.edu.au/exchange/I.C.Hill@curtin.edu.au/Inbox/

I suspect an oddity in our mail server setup is the cause (where ID 160950a is the username but i.c.hill@curtin.edu.au is the inbox folder name and part of the mailbox URL, not 160950a as one might expect). I suspect that Kontact may be gagging at the "@" in the middle of the mailbox URL.

Can anyone confirm this as the cause or make suggestions as to workarounds?