Hey everyone,
Any help with this issue would be very appreciated - I'm running out of resources (and my mind :P ) Myself and co-worker have been crawling the internet for about two weeks now and really haven't had much luck with getting a hold of the information we're after. Basically we have an embedded gumstix (arm 5TE pxa270) platform running linux 2.6.21. We have a small Nokia knock-off LCD board that is currently connected to our embedded system using SSP pins (and the spi protocol). Our current situation is as follows:

* We have a kernel module that correctly opens up the pins for data transfer, and accepts ioctl commands on /dev/ssplcd
* We have the ability to set pixels, lines, and send bitmap images to the LCD screen from user land. The LCD has its own controller on board, so we do things like 'set row x, set col y, send RGB' etc.
* We do have X server (KDrive or fbdev) installed on the root filesystem (but it is incorrectly configured). It is currently set up, by default, to be outputting to an onboard 45pin lcd controller - this is not the ssp ports, and is not used by our setup or lcd board.

What I would like to do:
* Figure out how to get a framebuffer device up and running using the LCD board
* Understand what exactly I need to be looking at - /dev/fb0, vesa, X server, ...?

Any suggestions or pointers would be so helpful. I'm not sure if I'm looking to be writing a new kernel module, or a new framebuffer device, or ...?

From my understanding, as long as I can correctly implement /dev/fb0 (kernel module or other) - then X can talk to this device and be none the wiser?

Thank you,