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Thread: booting problem

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    booting problem

    respected sirs,

    I am new to linux. downloaded fedora 9 kde live cd and loaded in my toshiba laptop.

    I got a message after completion of loading but I have not filled proper information and i skipped them. when I restarted the os I got pop menu asking me to login domain and password. I am unable to provide the information, so that the os is not booting. please help me to over come the problem.

    thanking you and all

    satyanarayana, karraa

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Just my opinion, but it would probably be easiest to simply reinstall, filling in all information before the installation completes. If you didn't set a root password during the installation, you might be able to boot into run level 1 and set a new password. You can follow this howto for steps in doing that:

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    There's no need to reinstall for such a simple thing, that's too windowsy.

    Just boot from a livecd, mount your / partition somewhere under /mnt, then cd to it, do "chroot .", and use passwd to set a root password.

    Single user mode should work as well. Just edit your boot line on grub and add a 1 to the kernel line if nothing else works.

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