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    Setting up extended desktop (nvidia geforce go 7600)


    I am wondering if anyone would be able to give me some advice on how to set up dual monitors (extended desktop) on Kubuntu (hardy).

    I have a nvidia geforce go 7600 in a laptop. My primary monitor (laptop screen) is a 17" widescreen (1400X900) and my external is a 20" widescreen that is left of my primary screen

    I have the latest drivers for my card. I've been searching for a solution to this for days and would really appreciate any assistance.


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    I don't know anything about kubuntu, however you need to search for "twinview". Maybe there's a kubuntu-ish way to do it via some config tool. I usually just edit my /etc/X11/xorg.conf by hand. The nvidia readme files (probably somewhere under /usr/share/doc/ do have all the info you need, there's also an high chance that there's some how-to around the kubuntu wiki or the forums.

    I hope that this at least points you in the right direction

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    its extremely easy to do this on ubuntu, provided you are using the proprietary driver
    sudo nvidia-settings
    in there is everything you need, but you need to make sure you select the option to write the new xorg config file after that, in case the command doesn't work, you have to install it
    sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings

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    If your laptop has a extra outlet for a external monitor, you will only have to plug in your monitor, and go in BIOS and change "configurations"/"screen" to "my default monitor + my new monitor" ("VGA + whatever"): Then your laptop monitor will get mirrored on your external monitor. You go from there, and use the relevant setup, if you wish to have two separate desktops.

    Further possibility is to get in addition, a few virtual desktops.

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