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    Type the tilde ( ~ ) with an Spanish Keyboard

    Hi everybody:

    We are controlling with VNC viewer a RH9 running VNC server. Both PC's have SP kb's
    We need to type frequently tildes remotly.

    Is there a chance to program a key to do this job as a alt-gr or sth?
    I mean as E is also in the Spanish Keyboard. So could be ~ with alt gr.

    Thanks a lot guys for your help!!

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    One option would of course be to simply use the U.S. English keyboard layout. It is very superior, anyway; you can see that the original developers used it.
    If you really don't want that, the keymaps are of course reprogrammable. Note however, that it's the keymap of the computer running the VNC viewer that has to be reprogrammed, so if that computer is running Windows, then I can't help you.
    If it's running Linux, however, check out the files in /usr/share/xmodmap. I'm sure that you'll understand how they work by looking at them (I don't even know what a spanish keyboard looks like, so I can't help you in detail). Then, when you've made the necessary changes to the file, just load it with xmodmap.

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    On local it worked but with VNC, doesnt

    Thanks a lot! I'll work on it

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