I am trying to find any code/app that allow me to copy a xorg screen output to a java swt canvas.
So far, I have only found xwatchwin(FreshPorts -- x11/xwatchwin) that is the closest to what I need, therefore I tried to modify the code to suit my needs.

I have attempted to just change the Xlib Window object to the window id I have(Simply by casting the integer window id to a Window object).
However when I am trying to draw using XPutImage in Xlib in C onto a Java SWT Canvas, its not painted onto it.

The java swt canvas works when used with mplayer's -wid option.

If there is a way to resize the XGetImage output for XPutImage, it would be wonderful also.

Is there any C++ or Xlib guru that can help me?
FYI, my C++ background is non-exisitant. =X

Thanks in advance.