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Thread: remote app noob

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    If it's only the app you are after and you have a X server running on the client side than you don't need an X server on the server side. I know, the X terminology is a bit confusing. But anyway, you for example have this:

    An old underpowered machine running Xfce or even IceWM. (client)
    A normal machine that wishes to remain headless. (server)

    Just allow X forwarding on client and server. Install OOo on the server.

    Run on the client: (put in a shortcut)
    ssh -l username(default=current) -p portnumber(default=22) -Y /usr/bin/openoffice2.4 -writer
    The reason I give -Y as option rather than -X is that I get better quality graphics that way. Experiment.

    If you set up the machines for passwordless authentication then it's like running the app locally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hhh3h View Post
    so if i install x-server thingy / gnome, it's doesn't have to be running all the time?

    only when i start it?
    So just make sure you have ssh server installed, along with the programs you wish to run server side. What distro are you using?

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    its the ubuntu server edition

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    So to install ssh server, type:
    sudo apt-get install openssh-server
    Now to install openoffice writer, type:
     sudo apt-get install
    If you would like the entire suite, type:
     sudo apt-get install

    I hope this answers your question. Tell me if you have any more problems.

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    Thank you Freston for trying to explain it to me and thank you plr4ever for giving me the examples

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