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Thread: Pin to desktop

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    Question Pin to desktop

    Hello everybody! I need some help.

    Is there a way to pin a window to the desktop in Linux?

    I have a list of tasks in Calc. And I want the window of Calc to be always before my eyes, so that it sort of reminds me of my tasks. The window must be «stuck» to the desktop, and when I click the Show Desktop Button (I use this button very often) the window shouldn't be minimized, but must always remain visible. The feature «Alway on Top» is definitely not what I want - I need the opposite, sort of «always on bottom». The window must behave as if it were part of the desktop wallpaper. Is it possible in Linux?

    By the way, I've tried different «sticky notes» applications - the «glue» is unfortunately too weak: when I press the Show Desktop Button all notes disappear from the desktop - they are just minimized The best solution would be to glue the window of Calc to the desktop.

    I'm using the latest Ubuntu.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hmm mate, you may not find your solution in the usual tools available in a windows manager. "Stick" keeps the window on your visible desktop, while "Set Above" or "Always on top" keeps that window on top, as you say... and the "show desktop" option is exactly that, it shows the desktop with prejudice. LOL I am not sure if it can be done, except if you make the app part of your background... Flex Active Desktop or some such? Good luck.
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