I had been trying to get MPlayer working for quite awhile, i finaly got it to play video, however when i stoped it i noticed it filled the directory / (and my hard drive) with a .png image for each frame! so i logged out of gnome and logged back in as root to delete them and everything in gnome was very messed up.
1)I couldnt see or use my workplace switcher, however when i moved my mouse over
where it should be i could get preferences and such.
2) No widnows had frames around them (close minimize matimize title etc.)
3) When i would open something it would only stay on my task bar for like 5sec then
dissapear but the window would stay
4)Unable to type in text feilds.

When i logged back in as user everything was still messed up. KDE however still works fine.
Please help!