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    [SOLVED] XResizeWindow() problems

    Hi everybody.

    I hope someone will be able to solve two problems I'm facing since a couple of days with window resizing.

    I'm currently making a X window project in which I'm catching events from two windows. When a window is being resized by the user, I want the other window being resized as well. In order to do so, I'm using the XResizeWindow function which I think is the only one that can do such action on a X window.

    The problem is that when I'm reducing the window, the other window is being resized but loses its content, e.g.: the pixels of the window seem lost until I resize that window manually which triggers a refresh and the window is getting all its content back.

    The second problem is that when I'm increasing the size of the window, the other window doesn't seem to increase at all. Nothing happens.

    Here's what I read about the XResizeWindow function:
    The XResizeWindow() function changes the inside dimensions of the specified window, not including its borders. This function does not change the window's upper-left coordinate or the origin and does not restack the window. Changing the size of a mapped window may lose its contents[...]
    Am I missing something? Is there other function I must call to refresh the window when reducing? Is there a problem when increasing size?

    Any inputs would greatly appreciated. I didn't put any code for I only need inputs and suggestions but, if needed, I could put some in this thread.



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    got it by myself... It was a rather stupid error: I wasn't giving the client Window to the function. I simply did a XmuClientWindow and the function works as expected, e.g.: the window resizes (in both ways) and refreshes itself after the resizing is done.

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