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    launching 2 Konsoles

    When I run 'Konsole' it runs two instances: one just like normal with a BASH prompt, and one without a BASH prompt, I can type into it and hit enter, but i get no responce. I'd like to have it the way it used to be before... where just one instance on Konsole launches.
    What I did to screw it up- I was writing a small bit of code late at night/morning and I was in X with KDE. After I told it to compile I told it to 'Open with' and I check the box "Run in terminal" and i think i chose "do not close when command exits". Anyway i'm running Gentoo 2004.2.

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    can you be more specific about the dode, is it possible that the code interfeard with bash?
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    it was a simple program for prime numbers. Nothing in it should have any capibilities to interfere with BASH. What i suspect is happening: when i launch konsole, it opens a normal console, then another konsole with my stupid program (albeit now deleted) running in the konsole. because i checked the 'do not close when command exits' box, i suspect it somehow tries to complete the loop. Although i would think that would get cleared when i reboot(which i have done.)

    below is the process shown to be running inthe 'ps aux' output:
    user 8676 0.2 3.1 27328 16440 ? S 22:39 0:00 kdeinit: konsole -caption=Konsole -icon unknown -miniicon unknown -e konsole

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