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    Openbox - default font [system?] settings

    hi everybody & thanks in advance for any consideration about this post

    i'm not new to linux but i'm now trying to get deeper ...
    ie i'm starting from scratch to install a customized Ubuntu-based
    [8.10 or intrepid] minimal installation

    i set up a command-line system (using Ubuntu alternate iso)
    i solved some network problems (by editing /etc/network/interfaces)
    i got a smaller terminal font size (by editing /boot/grub/menu.lst)
    i installed xorg (by working around with hal installation, because the system missed it)
    i chose openbox as window manager (i'm not gonna use an integrated desktop env)

    now the *font[-size]* question is:

    via ObConf (openbox configuration manager) user can change fonts for
    - active & inactive window title
    - menu header & item
    - on-screen display
    which i all set to *8* (*sans* & *regular*)

    i wish i could use the same font for the text *within* any windows
    [which i think is defined as system font] -- how can i do that?

    in synaptic i've been able to use what i wanted via:
    settings>>preferences>>columns&fonts>>use custom application font
    -- but how can i make it my default window font?


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    If I understand you correctly, the fonts you want to change aren't controlled by Openbox at all, but by GTK or Qt or whatever the particular app is using. So you need to decide on a way to configure these.

    The simplest (but by no means most efficient) way that I've done this on Openbox is to simply install some of the core Gnome configuration packages, such as gnome-control-panel, gnome-settings-daemon, gnome themes and theme engines, etc. Then you need to run the gnome-settings-daemon in your ~/.config/openbox/ file. (I don't use Ubuntu, and this may be distro specific, but you should look to see if you have that and perhaps it already looks for the daemon).

    I usually stick to GTK apps so I don't bother with the KDE settings.

    This I hope will at least point you in the right direction. As I said, there's more than one way to do this, and you might prefer to set your defaults directly in config files... though this would still require loading the daemon(s).
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    more font settings

    sorry for being so late in replying but i've been very busy
    thanks for your attention to my post
    i hope someone will consider these further issues i'm facing

    i've come to a standstill trying to build up a minimal
    Ubuntu+Openbox installation, so i'm now having gnome-
    and openbox-sessions compared against each-other to see
    if i can grasp more about both

    besides, running openbox with 'gnome-ware' taking care
    of settings i can't manage myself 'gnomelessly' is probably
    the best solution for my inexpert case

    still, i have some more about font-setting:

    (1) in ~/.config/openbox/ i've enabled the
    default autostart (/etc/xdg/openbox/ with
    and everything works fine but for one little detail: titlebars'
    and menus' font is smaller then desired; to fix it i have to
    root-menu>>Restart openbox ... font size is now as big as
    i expected it to be
    why is that?

    (2) with System>>Administration>>Login Window Preferences
    (in gnome) i've configured for a plain-style login; here, too, text
    is bigger than i want it to be
    is there any way to control the login window font size?

    (2b) more: can i hide some of the entries normally visible in
    the login window pop-down menus? specifically, under 'session'
    i would like to be able to choose among

    - last
    - run xclient script
    - gnome
    - openbox session
    - secure remote connection
    - failsafe gnome
    - failsafe terminal

    leaving out gnome/openbox and openbox-kde.desktop

    All the best,

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