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    My Mouse went crazy and is hanging my system- Help!

    I just installed RH Linux 8 and a few days ago and it has worked fine, but now when it gets to the GUI login screen, as soon as i move my mouse (MS Intellimouse optical) the cursor flies straight to the upper right corner, and then the system hangs. The mouse works fine on my win2k system, please help, is this a fixable mouse config problem, or something bigger??


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    When the wrong mouse driver is used, the cursor always tend to fly to the upper right corner. Why this is, I don't really know, but I'm sure it has a good reason. The system doesn't usually hand, though. Are you sure it has hung. You should at least be able to enter a text terminal by pressing ctrl+alt+f1. If nothing works, just disconnect your mouse until you get it to work, so that at least it doesn't hang. Then review what mouse driver you're using. In RH8 there seems to be a driver specifically for the MS Intellimouse, but if that doesn't work, try one of the generic drivers.

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    ok, thanks, but whats the command line string for accessing the mouse driver to find out which one i'm using, and how do i change it to one thats working? I looked on the RH site, but couldnt find any nfo on it.

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    Nm, i got it fixed, THanks!!

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    Don't want to be anal or anything... but it may be useful if you'd actually say what you did. That way if a future user with the same problems does a search, at least he'll find a solution...

    Glad you managed it, in any case


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