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    X11 Display Restore - Wrong Resolution

    Occasionally, when returning from a video game running full-screen under X11 (KDE 3.5), the desktop resolution doesn't return to normal (1024x768 ). Instead, it remains at the (lower) resolution the game was running at (320x240, etc!). Is there a known method to restore the normal resolution without restarting the X display server?

    I guess ctrl+alt+(+ or -) could be an option, but I've never had any luck getting that key combo to work on my setup (ever). This is annoying because only a small portion of the desktop is accessible; I usually have to press ctrl+alt+bkspc to kill the server - losing anything I might have going on the desktop.

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    Take a backup of /etc/X11/xorg.conf file and try and edit
    Section "Screen"
    and check whether your resolution is changed or not

    More about X
    xorg.conf(5x) manual page
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    I don't think I understand you (or you me). Are you suggesting that I set my "Modes" to just 1024x768? The problem occurs when I run a (SDL) fullscreen video game, which takes control of the resolution settings (whether or not they are listed in the "Modes" of xorg.conf) and alters them to fit the game (like any truly fullscreen game would). Upon closing the game (which returns me to X), my resolution is still at a lower setting.

    My desktop doesn't act like a virtual desktop; no screen panning, so I can only access about 25% of my desktop.

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