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Thread: kde config tool

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    Question kde config tool

    Hi ... I recently installed kubuntu 8.04.2 and things went as exzpected - then a couple of days later - a screen pops up and wants me to personalize KDE. Never saw this before (long time Kubuntu user) but like a fool, I used it. Now:

    1. Every time i do anything an annoying sound is played.

    2. I cannot find this tool to turn this noise off.

    I have tried most normal things (System settings etc) but nothing seems to work.

    Anyone have any idea how to get back to my peaceful system? Anyone else seen this tool suddenly pop up?

    Thanks foar any help -
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    Not this particular problem, but I accidentally went into the desktop configuration wizard for KDE, mucked around a bit, and cancelled out, but it had already dhanged my desktop settings! It took me a week to get it ALMOST back to where it was (and where I wanted it) before... A good example of, it you didn't ask for it (or don't think you did) STOP RIGHT THERE! People sometimes are trying to be way too helpful and as a result don't think that they might be causing more trouble than they are avoiding. Arrrrgh!
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