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    Why do I have to cheat to make xorg work?

    xorg-server-1.5 is supposed not to need input devices in its xorg.conf file; it's supposed to get that information from hal, if compiled with hal support (this is in Gentoo). But if I try to do it that way, neither the mouse nor the keyboard work and X.0.log complains that it can't find the devices.

    It does work if I leave the input device sections in place and name evdev as the driver. Even my mouse wheel works and my keyboard has the right setup. This information must be coming from the /etc/hal/fdi/policy file - there's nowhere else it could come from. So hald and evdev are talking to each other. But hald seems unable to give xorg the basic information that the mouse and the keyboard actually exist. That still has to be in xorg.conf.

    You might say, "If it works that way, what are you complaining about?". But it irritates me when things don't work the way they should.

    I've attached xorg.conf and the hal input file.
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    I wish I could answer your question. I can only point you to X.Org Wiki - Home to post your question or look for answers to this. I'm just happy that my system works PDW (pretty darned well) as it is.

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