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    play video on x window system

    plz anbody tell me how to play video on linux through x window in motif application.
    if anybody is having any program please giv it to me.

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    Try VLC media player. It plays just about anything. And it's free.
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    play video in linux

    thanks for your response but dude I want to know how to play a video file in a separate window which is made with the help of X- window (in linux through motif (which is used to create GUI in Linux)).


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    You use a decoder library (e.g. libtheora) to decode the compressed video into a series of images. These images you put on the display with either standard XLIB functionality or you employ accelerated extension like Xv or OpenGL.
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    Given you probably don't want to re-invent all the low-level video processing cruft, you should probably use some of the video processing libraries such as xine, and wrap them in your own motif UI if building your own player is what you want to do. VLC will run on any X-Windows UI if you don't want to reinvent the wheel.
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    I am not sure still if he's asking as a programmer or as a user.

    In any case motif is rarely used nowadays in Linux. And in any case, independently of the chosen toolkit which might be motif, fltk, qt, gtk, fox or whatever you prefer, you definitely need to chose a media decoding library unless you are that masochist as to reinvent the wheel yet once more.

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