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    is there any small or tiny X servers?

    I am now developing a small linux system based on a 64Mb USB flash ROM. it is just my personal hobby.

    i need a small X server to run X applications on this small linux system,
    but abviously XFree86 and Xorg is too large for such a small system.
    anyone know is there any tiny X server I can use?

    I know there is a famous tiny X server KDrive,but is lack of ducuments and i don't know howto build it into my small system.
    how can i do?

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    as i understand it, Mandrake offers a USB key bootable linux enviroemnt, you might want to check the specifications of what they used and see what docs they provided.
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    you could also check out damnsmalllinux their entire package is only 49mb

    good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by genesus View Post
    you could also check out damnsmalllinux their entire package is only 49mb

    good luck
    DSL is a good place to start. I've played with it on a couple of old dinosaur laptops.

    What I'm looking for is something with the Ubuntu repositories that can be built on from a tiny base. I know there was the Ubuntu JeOS project going on at one time, but I think they gave up on that. It worked great in a VM from what I recall. Only thing is, I'd need that to boot on real hardware, not just in a VM.

    I've looked at other custom distros like TinyCore Linux and Puppy Linux. While they do work for the most part, they feel as if they could be so much more with the right packages installed by default.

    Even Ubuntu itself wouldn't be so bad if it was a bare bone system without the kitchen sink pre-installed. I'm not a fan of the Unity UI, so it would have to be replaced with OpenBox and something else to make it lighter. If Ubuntu wasn't bloated with LibreOffice and The GiMP and some of the other big programs that nobody uses on a normal basis, I think it could work.

    Are there any TinyBuntu distros out there? I've done some light Googling, but haven't found anything too interesting.

    I'd be willing to work with someone to create such a project. I'm not a programmer much these days, but I do know how to break things,give back the broken pieces and tell how I broke it.

    There was Sidux that I used at one time. It was basically Debian Linux running from the sid/unstable branch with non-free stuff added in to make the system /just work/ for the most part. I liked that distro on my power tower system. I love bleeding edge software.

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    Thanks for the contribution, but this thread is eight years old.
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