My system is Debian Lenny (current stable) and everything in use works fine, currently the only thing I haven't got to work (and don't want to give up) is the matrox issue.

Having experience with installing proprietary drivers to get 3D acceleration (with my nVIDIA and with several friends ATI's (that was hell)) but now I have problem with installing proprietary matrox drivers. I have G400 or G450 matrox card with dual monitor setup.

1. I can get with free drivers 3D acceleration but not with dual monitors (unless both monitors just show the same image). However it's slow even in then, for example Half-Life is barely playable (on 1,8Ghz & 1 gig RAM). So I can play games that demend at max what H-L 1 demands.
2. monitors for wide desktop - no 3e acceleration.

I would love to get proper acceleration without having to run 1 monitor X for games (and still getting crappy. I don't to give up my matrox either, even though is not as fast as nVidia that I usually like (and for which I can easy get full acceleration. BUT if I get a dual-monitor support nVidia for free the the matrox in gone.

However I would love someone to help me out on how to get get (even better someone tell me how he got it) proprietary drivers of Matrox to work on Linux/X. After that I would never run two X servers (one for where workspace of two monitors matters more and one for 3d acceleration.

This seems even harder than ATI drivers (proprietary) was (even on ubuntu until you could finally install non-free packages checked to work to get th accelerated ATI drivers.

Damn I just wish that someone gave me on nVidia card with dual monitor support :)

But, please help. I can manage but I'm tired of keeping two X servers (because acceleration is not available for dual-monitor setup) and to low speed of acceleration via free matrox drivers.

Thanks in advance. :)