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    X server failed. How do I reset my monitor device? live cd works, but not local

    Recently, my laptop screen unplugged. And now I'm getting an X server error.

    I put in the live cd, and the screen shows up.

    I am not able getinto the local drive from the live cd. I heard you need to change something around.

    Basically, i want the screen back. But for now, with a one boot temporary, how do I use console?

    If I can fix the screen issue easy, I would like to do that.
    If I can't, i just want to be able to boot up, login, and enter the password for keyring and wireless internet.

    So, first, If I can get the screen fixed easy, like clicking Install on the live cd, then update, I would like to do that first.

    If I can't do that for now, how do I login into console, and put in my password for keyring and wireless internet?

    Someone please help me. I posted everywhere on the internet, and no one helps.
    :'( Hopefully, I came to the right place.

    thank You

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    What distribution are you using (and what release)?

    Can you post the exact X server error message?

    Logging in to the console is generally pretty straight foward. When you enter the console, it should just prompt you for your username and password. When you boot, does it go to a graphical login screen at all? Or does it fail before that? If you get the login screen, rather than entering your info there, hit CTRL+ALT+F2 and it should drop you to the console.

    Basic filesystem navigation from the console.

    For connecting to wireless from the console:
    How To: Manual Network Configuration without the need for Network Manager - Ubuntu Forums

    Note that WPA encryption is a bit of a pain from the console, so if you use it and have access to the router, you might want to change it to WEP or turn encryption off briefly while you're stuck on the command line.

    Just a note, the latest version of WICD includes an easy to use ncurses console interface, as well as the usual graphical interface, making it easy to connect when you aren't running X.

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