i am facing same problem while adding support of USB keyboard for for TinyX on ARM platform

in my case ioctl fails

if ((ioctl(fd, VT_OPENQRY, &vtno) < 0) ||
(vtno == -1))
FatalError("xf86OpenConsole: Cannot find a free VT\n");

It would be of great help if you can answer following queries. i hope you must have resolved by now.

1. Can i compile tinyX without virtual terminal support as i dont need for my
embedded platform.my need is to just add usb keyboard support.

2. For adding USB keyboard support through terminal /dev/tty0 i am unable to read from the any of the nodes /dev/ tty0 - tty7 (cat /dev/tty0)- not aware why? Please let me know what all i need to add support for keyboard.

3. i found some flags VT_SWITCH = N for Xfree86 but didnt find any support in tinyX code for same. is thr something which can switch off virtual terminal

Thanks in advance & immediate reply wud be appreciated.