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    [SOLVED] Where are GNOME's default GStreamer pipelines configured?

    Hi all,

    here's my problem: I use gnome's sound-juicer to create my audio mp3s and had
    configured some gstreamer pipelines for this purpose. So in sound-juicer I could go to
    Edit → Preferences and select my Output Format from the drop-down list.

    Now I have updated my system (Debian etch to lenny), and I find a new, strange
    set of output formats. When I hit Edit Profiles in sound-juicer it brings up a dialog
    with my old output formats.

    So my problem is: the old settings seem to be still there, but they don't show up
    in sound-juicers drop-down option box.

    Can some-one tell me what is going on?
    It what also help, if I could find the place where GStreamer pipelines are
    configured for all of Gnome.

    cheers, kai

    I managed to fix this myself, found this hint on another website:
    Profiles will not be displayed if the GStreamer pipeline is invalid. For example, if you try to ogg-encode an integer stream it will be invalid and be removed from the visible list. Similarly, if you don't have the libraries that will make a given pipeline element work, such as using lame in a pipeline without having LAME installed.
    In my case I had to install the gstreamer0.10-lame debian package.
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