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    Problem in creating samba server user

    Hi All,

    1. Initially I have created samba users using samba server UI tool. And works fine. And after a month there is a requirement to create a few more users and when I tried to open the Samba server UI tool, I am not able to open it so I tried from the command in the same Redhat linux console.
    $ system-config-samba
    ERROR Showing: system-config-samba requires a currently running X server.

    2. When I tried to create samba users through Samba server UI, where do the passwords will store. Can i get the location.

    Can you please help me on this.

    Thanks in advance,

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    It may be that something is broken for the UI which is not related to samba. You should try just adding the users from the command line for now, then fix the UI after you've gotten the users added:

    Samba User
    Creation of the samba user must be done by root, but a user can change their own password using smbpasswd. Login names should be LOWERCASE

    smbpasswd -a new_user_name

    Additional Information
    You were wondering where the passwords were stored. This file is called smbpasswd, but can be found in different spots depending on your distro or samba install. Mine is in /var/lib/samba/private/, otherwise it is commonly in /etc/samba/. If you can't find it, do a locate smbpasswd and look for one that isn't in a bin folder. However, editing this file directly is sort of useless since the smbpasswd command will assign an encrypted password. Therefore, editing the password in the file doesn't really work.

    System User
    If you also need to add them as a linux user then the command is similar

    useradd -m -g users -c "Put comment here" new_user_name

    (m creates the home directory, g is the default group)

    Then to set a password:

    passwd new_user_name
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