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Thread: xfree and xorg?

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    Quote Originally Posted by benjamin20
    i feel that in order for linux to overpower windows it has to be able to do everything that windows can and more. in the buissness section it seems that the only thing linux needs to finish is support for writing to ntfs partitions. at home all it needs is to be able to play windows games . . .
    I disagree. I'm a gamer, and I think more effort should be put into making *native* Linux games, rather than working on an already buggy "halfway" solution like WINE. That's not a shot at the guys and gals who spent lots of time and effort working on WINE; it's a valiant idea, but only a temporary solution to a bigger problem.

    wine seems to me like it is behind the most out of everything since it doesnt play lile any of my games.starcraft works but cant uptdate off of battlenet and MOHAA wont even install
    It's very difficult to completely rewrite the underpinnings of another operating system and hook them into the equivalent calls in Linux. Besides the fact that running MS Windows software has never been a priority (nor should it be IMHO) for the Linux developer community. The priority is on writing better Linux software, not making software designed for another OS run on Linux.

    what wil i need to learn to help wine out and where can i easily find out how?
    A good background in C and C++ is always good when writing for Linux. If you want to help out WINE, a good background in Microsoft's DLLs and system calls will be essential too. You'll also want to do research on OpenGL (used for 3D rendering instead of Microsoft Direct3D). There are many books on these subjects, but I can't tell you which ones will work best for you. Different authors have styles that may make it easier or harder for you to follow them. I recommend sampling a chapter or two in a book store from each different author/publisher and decide which one you think is easiest for you to follow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by techieMoe
    Perhaps this thread will shed some light on the issue.
    This topic is being locked. Please continue discussion in the above thread.
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