I installed Fedora Core 2 on an IBM Thinkpad T30. And there is also an Eizo L767 attached as an external monitor.

The first time I started up everything was fine. I was able to change the screen size to 1280x1024(default on the Eizo monitor), and this worked fine on the external monitor, but the laptop monitor can probably only handle 1024x768, so the GUI had to scroll on this screen. However, this was fine as I was only going to use the external monitor.

The problem came by after some days when I logged in as my normal user and the screen size was know adapted to my laptop screen. I can see the entire desktop on my external monitor but only parts of the screen i s used. The rest i just coloured blue.

Logging in as another user, worked fine and the setup was correct. Trying to log in using KDE instead of Gnome with the same user also works fine?!?

So I figure it must be something with some Gnome pref files on that specific user. Can anybody give me some insight into this problem?