Hola, I need to get an autologin setup on a small Single Board Computer. We're running a VERY stripped down Linux Kernel v2.6.5. XDM runs fine, but I don't want to have to login. In fact, all I really need is an to be able to run a little script at boot time, an Xserver and my XWin application once the Xserver is running. I got XServer to run (/usr/bin/X11/X -depth 16) but how do I run something like the xinitrc script to start my application? Keep in mind the VERY stripped down kernel doesn't have startx or xinit. I FTP'd startx and xinit from a RedHat maching but got this error when I ran xinit:

/lib/libc.so.6: version 'GLIBC_2.3' not found (required by 'xinit')

Updating the GLIB libraries seems kind of drastic, is there any other way to get an autologin?

Thanks for any help,