Tried too many tweaks over past week and now instead of text consoles on CTRL ALT F1 through F7 I get a crazy zoomed in view of the part of my desktop (as in what I see from CTRL ALT F8, which does still work) Keyboard and mouse don't respond in the now broken views, though

I can't remember or figure out what I did to get this.

I know I tried addressing the problem I've run into in running gui apps from root, trying various things other than just xhost +, such as adding a tiny script to /etc/profiles.d... only I removed that. I tweaked my ~/.bashrc but don't see anything there now, nor recall what I tried (it's a long messy one, I'm afraid)

Computer in question is running kubuntu 8.04.3. No idea where to start. I'm proficient enough to be dangerous but not enough to save myself.

Please help!