I am a newbie to Linux. I had install ROCKS OS 3.2.0 onto a cluster. I had try to configure the x-window by #redhat-config-xfree86
The system then return me a GUI with very very tiny words which cannot be seen. Can only select 'ok' or 'cancel'. If I select 'cancel', it will return to the orginal command black screen. If i select 'ok' another pop out box will appear (with a light bulb on it). I will then click the only button found on the pop out box, it will return to the command black screen.
When I type #startx, the GUI will appear. But when i log off, restart or shutdown, i need to type #startx again.
What's wrong with that?? Is there anything that i can do, so that i need not type #startx everytime i log off, restart or shut down.

Thanks for the reply...