when i start or restart server then i got following msgs on the login window.

kernel:sk98lin:network device driver v8.14.3.3
kernelc)Copyright 1999-2005 Marvell(R)
kernel:eth0:Marvell yukon 88E8050 Gigabit Ehthernet Controller
Kernel:Prefport:A RlmtMode:check link state
kernel:hw_random:RNG Not Detected.
kernel:PC1:cache line size of 128 is not supported by device 0000:00:1d.7
kernel:end_request:I/O error,devfd0,sector0
kernel:end_request:I/O error,devfd0,sector0
kernel:attached scsi tap st0 at scsi0,channel 0,id3,lun0
kernel:st0:try direct i/o:yes(alignment 51213),max page reachable by HBA 4294967295
ifup:no configuration found for site
kernel:mtrr:0xdf000000,0x800000 overlaps existing 0xdf000000,0x400000
kernel:mtrr:0xdf000000,0x800000 overlaps existing 0xdf000000,0x400000

but when enter user name and password then it seems to be processed,but then i am returned to login screen again with following errors.

1.kdm::0[10162]:can not execute startup script "/ect/X11/xdm/Xstartup"
2. kernel: mtrr: 0xdf000000,0x800000 overlaps existing 0xdf000000,0x400000

Note:-- Server Running Fine in Text Mode.Is there any process for troubleshooting this.