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    RHEL display help please !!


    I have RHEL 2.9-5. I was trying to install Cairo-1.8.10 on it. I was using the options --enable-xlib during configure. It complained of some missing xlib libraries.

    So, I copied all the files under /usr/X11R6/lib from another linux PC that already had Cairo (same version). The cairo installation was then successful.

    However, while I was copying the files, my screen suddenly went blank. There was just a blue background with a "X" for the mouse.

    I can telnet to the machine and access files etc., but I cannot access the desktop and other GUI applications.

    I am not very familiar with linux and I think I may have removed/changed some of the X11 files.

    Can someone please help me as I need to use some GUI based applications (gnomint etc.). ?

    thanks in advance.
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    RHEL2 is long since EOL, you should make backups and upgrade to latest (RHEL5) which will most likely solve hardware issues.

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    As coopstah13 said, RHEL 2.x is very old - current version is 5.4. The kernel, system libraries, X server, et al are very much different. What you did was to corrupt your system. You will need to boot into runlevel 3 and fix the libraries before you will be able to run your GUI.
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