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Thread: remote kde

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    remote kde

    hi there..

    at the moment I'm trying to see my linux (fedora core 2) kde desktop on my windows xp machine..
    i looked all around the web but nothing realy helped me..

    under windows, i'm using WinaXe. i made some preferences (and these seems to be correct) and on my linux computer i changed the following settings:

    xdm-config: ! DisplayManager.requestPort: 0
    kdmrc: under [Xdmcp] Enable=true
    Xaccess: * #any host can get a login window

    the firewall is disabled for testing purposes.

    i tried to connect to the linux machine via ssh, and typed the command: xterm -display *IP*:0.0 & which worked and this way i could start every program i like..

    but i would like to see the login form as soon as i startet winaXe
    the confusing thing is, that 2 times it worked. there came a login window and after that kde startet up like i am on the linux machine. i saw the full desktop. after that, it didn't work anymore.

    i have no idea what to do... could anyone help?

    btw: sorry for my bad english, i'm not very familiar with that language..


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    In the latest KDE stable release, and maybe in the release you are using, is a program called KDesktop Sharing. It utilizes vnc to share out the desktop of the current locally logged in user.. You can download a free binary vnc viewer from for windows and utilize that. VNC is not very secure, so I personally would look into piping vnc thru ssh. I have seen howto's and the like on using vnc thru ssh, but have never tried it personally. There is an option in the KDesktop Sharing program to except 'uninvited' connections, which uses a password you provide to validate the connection, but as I said, vnc sends data clear text, so I would lkook into piping it thru ssh if you want to try it.

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