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    IceWM misbehaving with applets

    I've been trying to get IceWM to display my applets properly in it's taskbar (I've gotten Fluxbox to do so with no problems). From what I've read, the startup files for both WMs are nearly identical, but I can't seem to get IceWM to display more than one applet properly at startup, and was hoping somebody could help me. I'm using GDM to login, so it should just be a matter of selecting the Icewm session.

    My ~/.icewm/startup file is as follows:
    gnome-power-manager &
    alsactl restore &
    nm-applet &
    eee-control-tray &
    volwheel &
    sleep 4 && conky &
    I can get gnome-power-manager to display properly when it's the only entry (I commented the rest out and removed the & from the first line). When I add more than one entry, however, eee-control-tray appears in the taskbar for less than a second, and an empty window appears in the top left corner of the screen. I'm not sure what I've got wrong, if anything. In case distro is a question, I'm using Arch.
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