Hi All,
I am using ubuntu 8.04 (GNOME 2.22.2).In ubuntu there is already facility to set a emblem to file.But I want to set emblem to a perticular file through a external application. I have small program to set emblems to a file.But it doesnot work as Ubuntu does.
In ubuntu file information along with emblem is present in xml files in directory named as
In this directory all xml are present for each direcory containing information regarding files that directory contains.If we want to set or unset emblem we should modify that xml file.

This way I am trying but it does not work.To reflect changes I have to restart file manager (nautilus) by using command $nautilus -q.After doing so emblems are set or unset.

I want to do it without restarting nautilus.

If Any one have solution to set emblem other than this or any command after changing xml files please help me.

Thanks in Advance