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    X11 forwarding with Cygwin/SSH

    I am having a bit of a problem achieving this and would appreciate some help. This is what i have done so far:-

    This is what i have done so far:-
    I have installed Cygwin on my Windows box
    I have my linux box running in the cloud - It's an Amazon EC2 Image
    It's running Centos 5

    From the black Cygwin bash shell, I startxwin. This opens a white xterm window
    From the white xterm I proceed as follows (results shown below each command)
    $ echo $DISPLAY

    $ xhost +
    access control disabled, clients can connect from any host

    $ ssh -X sirungu-ec2-xx-xx-71-223.compute-1.amazonaws.
    sirungu-ec2-184-73-71-223.compute-1.amazonaws password:
    Warning: No xauth data; using fake authentication data for X11 forwarding.

    I am now on my remote linux box
    (My ssh_config and sshd_config on my remote linux box have been configured to allow X11 forwarding)

    [ip-10-194-67-35:/] echo $DISPLAY

    [ip-10-194-67-35:/] export DISPLAY=
    [ip-10-194-67-35:/] ./winetricks
    Error: Can't open display:

    I have tried with DISPLAY as localhost too, but i get the same error.

    Please I am desperate, would you please tell me what stupid thing I am doing?

    I need to install some windows stuff using Wine and that is why i am trying to use forwarding so that graphics can be displayed on an X Server running on my local Windows PC.

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    you don't need to set display variable after connecting, it should just work (tm)

    as long as server is running ssh with x forwarding enabled, you have X server on your client, and you connect with -X parameter, it should be fine, no setting display

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