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    Default to no GUI, again : (

    So, I have been familiarizing myself with Linux ever since I picked up some old Sun Ultra workstations for free a few weeks ago. I really do like the command line, but mostly I am in a GUI. Since the machine has no purpose but to learn Linux on, I find it quite necessary to have multiple Desktop Environments installed.

    Since I didnt see a way in XDM for me to choose which session to log into, I have been using GDM, with whatever graphics options turned off since this machine is awesomely slow MHz wise. But, when Im in a GUI, and I log out of it, Id like to go straight to a command line, NOT back to the GDM login window.

    Is there an easy way to do this? I was thinking of having a simple program with the command "Kill GDM", but since I dont log into a GUI as root, it wont work. What about "Sudo Kill GDM"? I know I could try on my own, but honestly, I dont even know how to write such a simple program yet.

    Thanks for any help

    -Chris P

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    Depending upon the distribution of linux you are using, you can turn off GDM by changing the runlevel to whatever level is the "no-gui" level with the command telinit level where 'level' is the numeric value of the new runlevel you need to switch to.
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