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    terminal where output can be selected with keyboard?


    Since it occurs very often that one has to copy some output from the terminal, I've been wondering whether there's some special terminal application that allows you to navigate the output with the keyboard (like in a text editor, with all the convenient things like ctrl+shift+right arrow ==> select next word etc.).

    (It's pretty tiring to always have to use the mouse for this, like what you have to do in Konsole e.g.)


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    in your shell, try:

    set -o vi
    then can use vi keys to navigate the history and move/edit any history line.

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    Thanks chaosless, sounds good! (Especially that I can see that there's also an option 'set -o emacs'...)

    I have issued that command, "set -o" says afterwards that "vi" is indeed turned on, but nothing happens apparently. Is there something I should do to trigger "navigation mode" or something like that?

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    then can use vi keys to navigate the history and move/edit any history line.
    Oh, I just realized what this sentence means. Editing the history lines is a nice option (which I've been making use of for years), but I would like to be able to navigate over EVERY output, not just the history lines -- just as if I had copied everything from the terminal screen to a text editor.

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    from your op guess you know can select text from anywhere in konsole and others by double click and triple click w/the mouse. copy and paste.

    can use the !! notation from inside of a file (in vi) to run a command and capture the output back into the file. still you would have to select the text to the clipboard/buffer using the method above.

    sounds like you want the shell to work much like it worked years ago, when the up-arrow wasn't mapped to recall history - and would instead navigate the screen - then to be able to copy/paste using the keyboard.

    now that you mention it, i'd like that ability too - has got me reading bash manpages and thinking... vaguely i remember doing this years ago. seems like would be a combination of disabling arrow keys navigating history in the shell, and key sequence the terminal emulator recognizes...

    post if you figure it out.

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