Hi, I've posted this problem in the author's forum by Diego Torres Milano,
While awaiting for replies,
I was wondering if anyone here encountered the same problem,

I have a problem using the pxes-0.9-1 pre-built image,
The boot screen provides 9 options,
I'm only interested in options 2(xdm) and 7(ask),

1) When I select option 2(xdm), after pxes startup finished, it displays only a grey screen with a mouse cursor,

I checked with another console, the ipaddress, netmask, gateway settings are correctly grabbed from the dhcp server,
But the Broadcast address reads where it should actually read,

2) When I select option 7(ask),
I input the ipaddress, netmask, gateway, hostname, domain and nameserver manually,

Later I select (xdm) as my default session with (broadcast) method,

The client boots up the gdm login screen correctly,
And the Broadcast address reads,

Btw, option 2(xdm) grabs the IP configuration from the DHCP server,
While option 7(ask) doesn't require a DHCP server,

I have been wondering for days where the problem lies,
Any help is very much appreciated,
An example for any change in configuration would also help,

Thank you very much for your time and help,