Hey all, I hope this is the correct subforum for this. Anyway I just wanted to post this bug here in case anyone has seen it or knows of a solution. I'm running compiz on fedora 13 with the gnome desktop. Whenever I have a window maximized and use the 3D rotation I get this:

Ok, so apparently I can't post a link to the image, so anyway, what happens is that the maximized window has duplicated windows extending out towards the user at a 90 degree angle at each edge of the original window, forming a box.

The same thing happens if I rotate while a window is moved halfway off the edge of the screen. I'm using the experimental mesa drivers, so that's probably the problem (as I wasn't getting this problem when I was running NVIDIA drivers). But does anyone know of a solution (besides switching back to NVIDIA drivers), or should I just chalk it up to a bug with the experimental drivers?