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Thread: Blackbox info

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    Blackbox info

    I have slack 10, and I already have blackbox on my system, however I cannot use it very well. I cannot configure the menu system, so I cannot start any of my programs, and does Blackbox have a website, other than the SF wiki? Also, is it possible to have a program list to put on there, since I do not know all the progams I want on there, since KDE [my current wm] controls all the default programs and whatnot, and half are KDE proprietary, and I need some lighter programs. This box is slow enough as-is.


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    just find our black box menu file, should be somewhere such as /home/gensus/.blackbox/menu. You should be able to pico it and see how the menu is configured. Try something like this:

    [exec] (firefox) {/home/genesus/firefox/firefox}

    [exec] (name you want in menu) {path of the app}

    This is how it is on fluxbox, and if you look at the menu file for blackbox it is probably similar and easy to figure out.

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    blackbox is a dieing project and fluxbox seems to be the defacto replacment. to get best performance and features i reccomend you install fluxbox and read this configuration howto:

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