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    I am using the i3 wm and i3status to pipe system info to dzen2 and am trying to configure it so it displays over the i3 workspace bar. If I don't configure a position in the i3status config file to the bottom (to display over the i3 workspace bar), it displays at the top of my screen and iceweasel, my terminals, etc. will display their menu bars over the i3status display. Here is the relevant line from my i3 config file:
    exec i3status | dzen2 -fg white -bg black -ta r -y 1065 -w 1920 -fn "-*-terminus-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*"
    I would like to be able to take some pixels (say, maybe 20pixels) off of the left side of the i3status bar so I can still see the workspaces on the i3 workspace bar (maximum it will display is two squares with the number to the workspaces, so I don't need much taken off). I have attached a screenshot (sorry for the size) to show the bottom left corner of my display, you can see that the square workspace disply from the i3-wsbar is covered up (that's the side the portion I am trying to move).

    The `-ta r` portion tells the info to display on the right side of the bar (vice center, by default), the `-y 1065` tells the bar to align on that axis (makes it display at the bottom, vice the top by default - where if displayed at the top, other windows' top bar would cover the display), and the `-w 1920` part tells it to be 1920 pixels wide (my native resolution is 1920x1080). I initially thought I could change that part from 1920 to 1900, but that shortens the display from the right side, i need to shorten it from the left side.

    Thanks in advance
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