Hey .. I run a Ubuntu 10.04 distro on my desktop computer. I updated my linux kernel from "2.6.32-21-generic" to "2.6.32-27-generic" yesterday along with some other updates which GNOME suggested me to do.

I then went on to restart the computer, which for some reason took a LOT of time so I just restarted it using the hardware restart button. (Mostly probably mistake #1)

Anywho, this is when the trouble began. The Gdm fails to starts but X server does start up properly. All I get is a purple screen with the cursor but no login screen. I am able to log into tty though.

Here, I ran the "service gdm stop" command and then "startx" and got logged into Gnome right away. Now, Gnome does work but the panel applets crash, compiz got disabled on its own and most system programs like "Synaptic package manager", "System monitor" etc. do not open, or if they do, not for more than a few seconds.

For now, I have made kdm (I have KDE too) as the default desktop manager and am using KDE to access the GUI. Everything is working fine in KDE but still system programs like the ones I mentioned before are not working ..

What should I do ? Quick help would be much appreciated ..