KDE 4.4.4 on open suse 11.3

I missed browsing my music with album art as folder icons as in windows so i used the following script:

# (c) 2008 Daniel Klaffenbach
CONVERT=`which convert`

#do cover stuff
find .|grep folder.jpg|while read line; do
#convert folder.jpg to .folder.png
WORKDIR=`dirname "$line"`;
echo -n "Processing $WORKDIR:"

$CONVERT "$WORKDIR/folder.jpg" "$WORKDIR/.folder.png

#create .directory file
echo "[Desktop Entry]" > "$WORKDIR/.directory"
echo "Icon=./.folder.png" >> "$WORKDIR/.directory"

echo " done"

it ran without error and It was awesome to see most of the folders looking better than they ever did in windows.

However, I still have 2 issuses to resolve.

the .directory file in each music folder is now represented by a question mark icon and when i click on it, instead of opening it in a text editor, I get an error that says: The desktop entry file .directory has no Type=... entry.

if i add Type=Directory, i get an error that says something like type Directory unknown.
this is not a huge deal, but it bugs me.
any ideas??

some of the icons dont show up. I looked through them and i'm sure it is because they are too large. I'd appreciate suggestions for a script that would find the icons that are too large and resize them.

thanks for your input,