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    fluxbox wallpaper problem

    This is very weird, I changed my wallpaper using fbsetbg, I added:
    session.screen0.rootCommand fbsetbg -f ~/.fluxbox/backgrounds/grace.jpg

    to my /.fluxbox/init file, changed /.fluxbox/lastwallpaper and when I restart x and enter my login name and password fluxbox picks up the splash screen background as its wallpaper, not the one I predefined. What is wrong with this thing? I don't see where I mess up.

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    Try setting it manually and then use the second command on the link and see what happens.

    BTW, how do you start your xsession?
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    You either set the root command in your init file to use your desktop, or it uses the theme's destktop.

    I wrote a script that either edits the line "session.screen0.rootCommand:" with a random desktop or just runs fbsetbg to set it now. It worked with the old stable flux, and it works with the new flux as well.

    (The link above explains how to set your last desktop using that file)

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