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    in ~/.Xclients-default, I put

    exec fluxbox

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    I'm currently using fvwm2 quite difficult at the beginning but once configured it rocks

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    I reccomend using Fluxbox or Gnome untill Enlightenment DR17 is a little more complete. When it is a little more finished though, it'll beat everything else hands down in terms of speed and flexability, and still be pretty high up on features. If you want to try it, you'll have to use the CVS code though. Although the CVS repository has all the deps too, including imlib2.
    You probably already have some of those deps, i.e. Imlib2 is a major library that many things need.

    And Gnome isn't very buggy at all, from my experience, and nautilus is a pretty decent file manager.
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    fluxbox comes with slack 10. as root run pkgtool and it will have a settings menu that you can change your default wm/desktop with.

    for enlightenment-0.16.x on slack 10 all you need is imlib2 and freetype2.

    to check if you have something or not, all packages on your system (for slack) are in /var/log/packages so for example if you wanted to see if you had fluxbox already installed, the following command would do:

    ls /var/log/packages | grep fluxbox

    if it doesn't give any output, you dont have the package. If you do have it you will see something like:

    ls /var/log/packages | grep fluxbox

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    Using Fluxbox

    Hi Friends,

    Well I have installed Fluxbox and it's in my session menu. BUT BUT BUT I dont know how to configure it. And how to use it. I am a very user of Redhat Fedora Linux Core 2. Can anybody explain me step by step.



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    Oroborus is superior!

    I have no idea about things like switchdesk and all, I just thought I'd share since it was a "What window manager is best" thread

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