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    Window Manager???

    Hey Guys,

    What is the best/most easily custimized window manager out there??? I don't know for sure what im using now(how to check??) It's either gnome or kde, probably gnome. Im looking for something that will install fairly easily, and can have many themes.
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    this look really cool, but i have no idea how to install it, i will download the documentation and read it, but under the section where it says what you need, there are alot of thing i don't think i have. It seems like it would be a massive amount ot work to find and install all those things... do i really need all of them (i guess that sounds stupid, but im still a noob...)
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    two day ageo i would of said fluxbox ...though it is not that easy to use but the most amount of people uso it!! but as of yesterday i have to say Enlightenment!! with nothing else close to it!
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    If you want something easy and has lots of themes, pick KDE or Gnome. There's a really good chance that they are both installed.

    To switch, edit your ~/.xinitrc file (ex: your name is john, that would be /home/john/.xinitrc ) (NOTE THE DOT prefixing the file name)
    $ vim ~/.xinitrc
    Commented lines start with the character "#".

    At the end of the file you will see either "exec gnome-session" (this starts Gnome) or "startkde"

    Here's the file, I commented both of them, so just uncomment the one you want to use:
    #bunch of code in your file up here, just ignore it
    #bottom of the file, pick your WindowManager
    #To do so, remove the # infront of the one you want
    #exec gnome-session
    If you have slackware, switching Window managers is as easy as
    $ xwmconfig
    My favorite WM is fluxbox, but you may have to compile it (not that hard, unless you've never done it) and it doesn't have desktop icons.

    That's why I'd recommend KDE or Gnome for you. If you have a semi-new computer, or even an older one, you can run Gnome or KDE just fine.

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    most of the deps for enlightenment are libraries that the enlightenment team wrote, so you should be able to find most, if not all, of its depenencies on their site...

    also, most distros include a recent version of enlightenment, so it may be in your package repository or on your CD's...
    Their code will be beautiful, even if their desks are buried in 3 feet of crap. - esr

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    GNOME has quite a lot of bug. I would not recommend it to you. I post a question on the problem I met when using Gedit here, I am extremely glad I was being advised.

    As for KDE 3.3.1, it is quite good. Just a bit slow on my 128M PC. So if you have
    lots of memory, you may want to consider using KDE.

    As for Enlightenment, I had tried it out. It is just too great. It is so fast! So
    pretty, and Eterm actually support chinese --- SO it is INTERNATIONAL!
    What can I possibly ask more?

    So I am actually planning to work on Enlightenment as my future Window
    Manager and Desktop.

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    ok i want to go with enlightenment.

    I downloaded:

    tiff-v3.5.5.tar.gz from
    IMLIB v1.9.14 from
    Binary RPM for Red Hat Linux 9 from
    libpng-1.0.8.tar.gz from
    Zlib 1.1.3 from
    FNLIB 0.5 from
    FreeType 1.3.1 from

    the only thing that i couldnt find was libJPEG 6b could anybody tell me which to download?? there are alot of files in the following link:

    once i download that, how do i begin the installation???
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    fluxbox is extemely customizeable and you don't have to find all of the dependancies

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    WOW looking at some fluxbox screenshots, it reallly cool. Im gonna download and install it now, ill tell you guys how it turns out.
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