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    Enlightment and Start-Up

    I have just installed the Enlightment window manager. I type 'enlightenment' at the console, and a window comes up telling me that another window manager is already running, and that I will need to quit it before enlightment can start. How do I do this. It also says that it can edt my start-up files so that enlightment will start when I log on. I tell it to do this, but nothing happens. Whats wrong? Can anyone tell me how to edit these files manually? I'm very confused, but I really want enlightment to work!
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    I managed to start Enlightment!!!

    To do it i need to login in as failsafe, and then run 'enlightenment'

    Does anybody know how to get it to login directly to enlightenment each time???

    Actually getting it to do a text based login would be good too. Where it would ask for username and pass and then give me a shell. (basically what failsafe does but without me selecting failsafe, or starting X yet) Sorry it's confusing (it is to me) but i don't know how to explain it
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    just turn off the graphical login in the redhat config panel... or whatever it is they're using for configuring the system now...
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    i cannot for the life of me figure out how to turn it off. It only gives me 2 options. Standard and Graphical. Stardard is just graphical without the background...
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    Just edit your ~/.xinitrc to run the WM of your choice.

    You might need to set your default runlevel to 3, if not, you'll have to find the config file for kdm or whatever graphical login program you use.

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    umm, to be honest, i have no idea of how to do that...
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    you can get it to boot into run-level 3 by editing the /etc/inittab file.
    Just open it with a text editor, find the above line, and change the 5 into a 3, then save it and reboot.
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    ok, what does runlevel 3 do???
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    Runlevel 3 runs all normal services except X.
    A better option would be to just add Enlightenment to your sessions list. To do that, you need to find a directory called /xsessions. With Dropline on Slackware, it's at /usr/share/xsessions. However, in RedHat/Fedora, IIRC, it's somewhere in /etc or, possibly /etc/X11. You'll need to slocate it.
    Once you figure out where the directory is located, you'll need to make a script to launch Enlightenment.
    Open your favorite editor, as root, and copy the following:
    [Desktop Entry]
    Comment=This session logs you into BlackBox
    # no icon yet, only the top three are currently used
    Save that file to the /xsession directory as:
    Finally, make it executable:
    chmod a+x Enlightenment.desktop
    Next time you go to GDM, select Enlightenment from the session manager and log in.
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    sweet, I'll give that a try!
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