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Thread: Fluxbox tabs

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    Fluxbox tabs

    Can't get them to work.

    Session.tabs: true

    is in the ~/fluxbox/init file.

    they're just not showing.

    Any ideas?

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    i had a similar problem, i couldn't turn them off! lol :P

    I just opened the menu be clicking the desktop, go to fluxbox config thing, then configure, and then uncheck use tabs. hope that helps.
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    Which release are you running. I run 0.9.9beta on Slackware and was confused by the same thing because I had previously been using an earlier stable release.
    The tabs are there. They're just not visible like they were in the past. With Tabs set to True, you just middle-click the title bar of one window and drag it in to another window to tab the two together.
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