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    Fluxbox Background

    I'm having trouble setting the background in fluxbox. I don't even have any clue how to do it!!! The picture that I want to set as my background is:


    does anyone know how to do this???
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    ok it still doesn't work this is what I do:

    I become root using 'su'
    I then cd to ~/.fluxbox
    I type 'vim init'
    There is already a line that says: 'session.screen0.rootCommand:'
    I add 'fbsetbg -f ~/Misc./Pics/neu2.jpg'
    I save it using 'ZZ'.
    Then I reapply the style, which is just an edited version of minimal. (if you need, i can post what the style looks like.)

    The background is still the same!!! If i got back into the file. It still just says 'session.screen0.rootCommand:' It erased my line of code. What's wrong here?
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    I think that the problem might be in my editng of the "minimal" style. Here is what my style looks like:

    ! Minimal (c) 2000 Jeff Raven
    ! Blackbox window manager resource defaults, with an
    ! eye towards consuming as little of an 8-bit palette
    ! as possible. As an additional bonus, with the changes
    ! as of Blackbox 0.60.3, it should also use very little
    ! memory.
    toolbar:                        Flat Solid
    toolbar.color:                  Black
    toolbar.clock:                  ParentRelative
    toolbar.label:                  ParentRelative
    toolbar.windowLabel:            ParentRelative
    toolbar.button:                 ParentRelative
    toolbar.button.pressed:         Flat Solid
    toolbar.button.pressed.color:   LightGreen
    toolbar.button*picColor:        Green
    toolbar.textColor:              Green
    toolbar.justify:                center
    window.title.focus:             Flat Solid
    window.title.focus.color:       Black
    window.title.unfocus:           Flat Solid
    window.title.unfocus.color:     Black
    window.label.focus:             ParentRelative
    window.label.focus.textColor:   Green
    window.label.unfocus:           ParentRelative
    window.label.unfocus.textColor: Green
    window.button.focus:            ParentRelative
    window.button.focus.picColor:   Green
    window.button.unfocus:          ParentRelative
    window.button.unfocus.picColor: Green
    window.button.pressed:          ParentRelative
    window.handle.focus:            Flat Solid
    window.handle.focus.color:      Black
    window.handle.unfocus:          Flat Solid
    window.handle.unfocus.color:    Black
    window.grip.focus:              Flat Solid
    window.grip.unfocus:            Flat Solid
    window.grip*color:              Green
    window.frame.focusColor:        Black
    window.frame.unfocusColor:      Black
    window.justify:                 center
    menu.title:                     Flat Solid
    menu.frame:                     Flat Solid
    menu.hilite:                    Flat Solid
    menu.title.color:               Black
    menu.title.textColor:           Green
    menu.title.justify:             center
    menu.frame.color:               Black
    menu.frame.textColor:           Green
    menu.frame.justify:             left
    menu.hilite.color:              LightBlack
    menu.hilite.textColor:          Black
    menu.bullet:                    Triangle
    menu.bullet.position:           Right
    borderColor:                    Green
    bevelWidth:                     1
    borderWidth:                    1
    handleWidth:                    4
    *Font:                          -*-helvetica-*-r-*-*-12-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
    rootCommand:                    fbsetbg /home/alex/Misc./Pics/neu2.jpg
    I have also noticed that there are 2 init files. I have done what i said in my previous post to both of them, the same thing happened!
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